Conversation between Germany and the rest of the World

Auschwitz buty.jpg

The World asks Germany:

- So Germany, when will you admit to creation of the biggest hell on earth? when will you show us graves of our loved ones? when will you pay for your sins? when will you return the looted wealth?
- What hell?
- That one during the Second World War, when you brutally assaulted Poland, then other countries, when you where murdering and plundering in the name of your sick ideology?
- And do you have any witnesses?
- Unfortunately all passed away by now.
- What do you want then? Nothing like this has happened!




My blog is a declaration of War against Germany. It's a fight with lies and half-truths. It's a rebellion against historical manipulation by Germans. It's a fight for the truth. (...) ... the war is not over yet. The war is still ongoing. It's a war for the historical memory. And as of now, we're losing it. Perhaps at our own request. Just like in 1939, Germans still have better weapons today - it's a massive propaganda machine, which using press, media and huge movie productions is steering the public in a way that would even put the minister of propaganda and public enlightenment in Hitler's government - Joseph Goebbels to shame. After all it was him who said "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

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