T-4 Euthanasia programme


February 6th. Carl Wurster as BASF president hosted a banquet for IG Farben veterans. The ceremony was attended by Otto Ambros, Heinrich Bütefisch, Fritz Gajewski, Max Ilgner, Friedrich Jähne, Carl Krauch, Hans Kühne, Wilhelm Rudolf Mann, Christian Schneider and Fritz ter Meer (see 1950), and the widow of Carl Bosch. 
In 1939, after Wehrmacht marched into Poland, Carl Wurster was patrolling the occupied territories to see which of the Polish chemical plants could be used to increase production of the Third Reich war needs. Wurster was called the "military economy leader" (Wehrwirtschaftsführer). (...)At a time when Carl Wurster was a head of BASF, specifically in 1960, he discovered a young, promising employee named Helmut Kohl. Wurster took care of him and promote Kohl's political career, up to the German Chancellor office.