Hans Kruger


All collected material in 1964 and witnesses testimonies against Krüger were sent to the Higher Regional Court in Cologne. Although there was enough evidence of Krüger's criminal actions he was not released to stand a trial in Poland. The German Federal Court discontinued the criminal case against Hans Krüger due to lack of the proof of guilt (!).
After 1945 Krüger was involved in organizing the German Federation of Expellees and was the federation's first chairman in years 1959-1964 (see year 1957). From 1957 until 1965 he was a Bundestag member (member of parliament) and in years 1963-1964 a federal minister (Federal Minister for Displaced Persons, Refugees and War Victims). His actions were described in the "Krüger, Hans: Ein Blutrichter Hitlers", Brown Book: War and Nazi Criminals in the Federal Republic. Krueger died in 1971 in Bonn at the age of 69.


► July 26th. It was 12 years after the war has ended that the German state prohibits wearing the Iron Crosses awarded during World War II. Iron Cross for exceptional acts of bravery was awarded to more than 2 million Germans. 

► October 27th. Establishment of the Federation of Expellees (Bund der Vertriebenen BdV) . The first chairman of the Federation of Expellees was Hans Krüger, a former NSDAP activist, a war criminal who participated alongside Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch, in 1943 he was appointed to the Wehrmacht service.