► June 7th - 11th. German Chancellor Willy Brandt became the first German head of the government who visits Israel.

► June 21st. Ratification of the agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, regulating the basis of the relations between the two German states.

► Both German states were accepted to join the United Nations.

► August 6th. Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan was taken on board of the Lufthansa flight in the company of two federal agents and after a few hours escorted to a jail in Frankfurt am Main. Two years later the court trial of the "Stomping Mare" started in Düsseldorf. Hermina Braunsteiner-Ryan, extremely sadistic SS female concentration camp gourd, was stomping many women to death and that gave her the nickname. That was the third process of Majdanek employees and she was charged together with ten other men and four women. More that 250 witnesses were called from Israel, US and Poland. Not all were able to testify. Many people were too shocked at the sight of their former tormentors. One of the witnesses was a Polish prisoner Danuta Brzosko-Mędryk. In front of the courthouse Neo-Nazi organizations organized demonstrations in defense of the accused. "Stomping Mare" herself was very calm during the trial. Most of the time she was solving crossword puzzles. She did not accept any blame and expressed no remorse. She belittled her role, calling herself a small cog in the machine.

Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan, "Stomping Mare" (source:  www.kurierlubelski.pl)

Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan, "Stomping Mare" (source: www.kurierlubelski.pl)

In 1958 Hermine Braunsteiner emigrated to Canada with a US Army soldier, where she married him (taking name Ryan) and then moved to the US and settled in Queens, New York. She did not talk about her work in the concentration camps neither to her husband nor American officials. In 1963 she received American citizenship. A year later she was tracked down by Simon Wiesenthal who drew US authorities attention to her past. Her husband was shocked and could not believe for a long time what the reporter was saying - "But my wife could not even hurt a fly". On June 14, 1964 The New York Times published a long article under the title "Former Nazi camp guard now a housewife in Queens". The local community was very surprised. People were demanding her head and rallied in front of her house. In 1964 the procedure to deprive her of US citizenship started. It was achieved only in 1971 and Braunsteiner-Ryan became stateless. In 1973 Hermine Braunsteiner was arrested by US authorities and extradited to the Federal Republic of Germany. She was kept in prison in a fear of her escape. In 1976 she was bailed out but in 1978 returned to prison in connection with witness intimidation and an attempt to escape. On 30 May 1981 after a long legal battle "Stomping Mare" was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hermine Braunsteiner during the process (source: simon-wiesenthal-archiv.at)

Hermine Braunsteiner during the process (source: simon-wiesenthal-archiv.at)

In 1996 at the age of 77 she was pardoned on grounds of poor health by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Johannes Rau, who later became German president. After the release from prison "Stomping Mare" lived with her husband in a nursing home in Bochum-Linden. She died on 19 April 1999.