► Created in 1949 the Federal Ministry for Displaced Persons, Refugees and War Victims (German: Bundesministerium für Vertriebene, Flüchtlinge und Kriegsgeschädigte; BMVt) employed two German historian Werner Conze and Theodor Schieder. Both were Nazi party activists, known for promoting racist ideas and justifying the Nazis national policies. The aim of their study was to rationalize the German dominance over other nations and their right to take over new territories. After the Nazis came to power Conze and Schieder helped institutionalize racial studies of ethnic groups in the Third Reich. In 1936 while working for the German military intelligence (Abwehr), Conze has prepared a document in which he presented Poland as backward country and in a need of "German order". Conze and Schieder work conducted for BMVt aimed at documenting the expulsions of Germans from Central and Eastern Europe and proving that these territories are still German.
Himmler's daughter Gudrun Burwitz (see 1951) established the "Viking youth" (Wiking-Jugend) organization which was spreading the Nazi ideology among German youth, just like its infamous predecessor - the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend).

German government banned the Wiking-Jugend 42 years later in 1994 but most of its members continued their operations without any obstacles by moving to the registered in 1990 Patriotic German Youth organization (Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend – HDJ).
During special "after-school lessons" children already at primary school level were taught about the "superiority of German race" and "blood purity", where foreigners and Jews were portrayed as a threat to the German nation. HDJ organized camping trips where children were wearing military uniforms with swastikas. The activities of the Patriotic German Youth organization were banned in 2009, but ... the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German domestic security agency) records about 4,000 new neo-Nazis every year, forming new parties and organizations.

► August 13th. Germany became a member of the International Monetary Fund.
► In the eighth grade German history textbook (year 1952) we read:
"The main culprits of all the terror and destruction that Germany brought to the world and finally to themselves were the capitalists (...). On the orders of (...) the capitalists nazi party led Germany into war, lied, deceived and terrorized the nation to destroy its will to live peacefully." This school textbooks interpretation of the reasons of the war was held until the end of the 80s.