► 14th July. Monetary Conference in Kronberg. Starting from the beginning of its operation European League for Economic Cooperation ELEC showed an interest in monetary integration of Europe. That day the currency conference was convened - for the first time at the invitation of Deutsche Bank. The first common European monetary conference was led by "Hitler's banker" Hermann J. Abs (see year 1946). The conference was held at the Schlosshotel Kronberg (north of Frankfurt) and was the first of a long, lasting more than a half of a century series of annual meetings. Unofficially representatives of prestigious European banks, central bank governors, influential members of the European Parliament and members of the board of the European Central Bank were meeting annually in Kronberg to share their knowledge and plans for the future.
Fritz Ter Meer, sentenced in Nuremberg for genocide and forcing prisoners from Auschwitz into slave labor (see year 1950), was - for over ten years - the head of the supervisory board of Bayer.


► October. Alojzy Twardecki after graduating from high school in Rogoźno, began his studies at the Faculty of Foreign Trade in Warsaw. Three years earlier, age 11, Aloizy Twardecki returned to his homeland.
When Alojzy was four years old, he was kidnapped from the Poland by German Schupo and transferred first to an orphanage and then to a German family. He was from a noble Polish family.
His father - an officer in the Polish army, was killed during the war. Alojzy's mother was desperately searching for their only son for many years. She was writing letters to the boy, but the German "grandfather" kept destroying them.
Alojzy Twardecki, like other 200,000 Polish children, underwent Germanization. After the war only about 25 thousand returned, among them Alojzy Twardecki who described his extraordinary story in the book entitled “The School of Janissaries. Letters to a German friend"