When I began writing this blog, back in January 2015, we were living in a different world and an entirely different country. The Polish nation wasn’t divided into the worse and better sort but simply into smart and stupid people. The smart lead the way. Not the other way around. Poland, a country that suffered most in World War II, was getting back on its feet and quickly catching up to the West. The real Solidarity, with Lech Walesa at the helm, was revered by the rest of the world. We were able to unite and work together towards a common and greater good. The country was growing more and more beautiful right in front of our eyes. At the 25th Anniversary of Freedom Day celebrations US President Barack Obama thanked the gathered officials for “the privilege of joining you here today”. We felt so much pride!

Poland had always been proud of its history and its heroes, yet we were slowly learning to own up to our own mistakes, shortcomings, and crimes. We wanted to be a great and proud nation. As Radoslaw Sikorski once said “A great nation knows its heroes and its scoundrels”. Only a people that is honest about its complete and true history with all the glory and disgrace, has the right to criticize others for their lies.

Speaking the truth as well as having the ability to admit guilt are the determinants of humanity.

"According to the Bible and Sigmund Freud, the ability to feel guilty is constitutive for the human kind as we know it" Leszek Kolakowski once wrote. Of course, he was implicitly referring to Germans. After all, it is Germany that have always (and solely) been denounced for covering up their crimes. That is the case to this day.

My blog, in a chronological and year-by-year manner, exposes the manipulation of history by Germany. Using facts and simple words, I unmask their post-war „Persilscheinverfahren”. (“Clean Slate Process”).

This blog serves its purpose – readers learn that Germany was never charged for her crimes and that most of the murderers escaped punishment and the country’s wealth is that of plunder. The shocking truth is reaching people around the world.

Meanwhile today...,

the Law and Justice party is writing its own version of the Polish history that is misleading and designed to serve their own political interests distorting the truth, thus denying us the right to expose the lies of others.

Germany, on the other hand, by taking Poland’s side in the conflict with Israel and openly admitting to being responsible for WWII, has been trying to convince the world of its geniality, truthfulness and kindness. The fact that for 80 years individuals have been going out of their way to erase their crimes, seems completely irrelevant. Today, it is Poland that is forced to explain its participation in WWII.

Sadly, this is not the end of our national tragedy. Under Law and Justice, our country is following the path that chillingly resembles the one we once decried and condemned. These days, Poles are threatened with “aliens” who might carry “all kinds of parasites and protozoa”, as was the case with Jews before the war. Shrieks uttered by our leader “Wake up, Poland!” reverberate with shocking similarity to Nazi „Deutschland, erwache!”. Marching fascists flood Polish streets with impunity, effigies of Jews are set on fire and gallows hoist up images of Polish EU MPs.

Image: Invitations to a rally organized by ONR Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (National Radical Camp), modelled on an original Nazi poster, were handed out after Law and Justice’s victory in parliamentary elections.

One would think that having experienced a trauma like World War II, no other nation would ever fall for the primitive racist slogans promoting racially pure families.

Meanwhile, torrents of banners, flags with phalanx, slogans like “White Europe”, “Poland for Poles” and “Pure Blood, Sober Mind” seen on Polish streets mirror images of German streets in the 1930s. One must be blind not to see that. Law and Justice doesn’t see it, nor does it condemn it. A TV documentary depicting a small forest altar to honor Hitler and young hailing Poles has been labelled by Law and Justice a journalistic provocation. Why? Because nationalists, hooligans and thugs of all shapes and sizes comprise the party’s electorate. “Kaczynski’s success? It’s an alliance with a boor” – says a philosopher and religious studies professor Zbigniew Mikolejko.

Let’s go back 99 years.

In 1919 Hitler, then 30 years old, contacted a small political chauvinist group called Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Labor Party). A year later, he changed its name to NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte), The National Socialist German Workers' Party. The only membership condition was non-Jewish ancestry and unlimited obedience. Hitler became its leader (German Führer) and asserted dictatorial power. That same year, he created a party militia “The Storm Division” (German Sturmabteilung) tasked with fighting against the opposition and later, with the pogroms of Jews. He turned a small weekly party newspaper into a national journal which became one of the pillars of the Nazi propaganda for the next 25 years. We all know what happened next.

It is a terrifying analogy to what is happening in Poland today. The chairman’s dictatorial power paired with the Military Territorial Defense as the party militia and the takeover of the mass media Law and Justice turned into its echo chamber. They began by firing around 200 journalists and replacing them with people of Father Rydzyk’s ilk. This is precisely why their manipulation is so primitive. A PiS journalist will always be the party’s spokesperson. They lie and show us only what they see fit. They edit out heart stickers off WOSP lapels etc. When Barack Obama criticized the party’s politics in June 2016, the American embassy published a translation of his speech. According to the PiS television outlet the American president praised the current administration.

Journalist Bogusław Wołoszański wrote this about the creators of the Third Reich: “The people who set Europe ablaze in 1939 and created the gigantic machine of genocide were semi-literates, totally unprepared to hold the highest government positions. Yet, they got to power democratically and peacefully. […] They seemed laughable, pompous and grotesque but turned out to be deadly. What was their strength? Hate. […] The hate that filled them was transformed into an idea. They strived to create a healthy society, free of genetic disorders such as homosexuality, crime and corruption. A society that was ethnically and politically uniform and wealthy. […] That is why they created the Third Reich. This new national entity was given a new law, a law of hate, and just a year after taking over the government an efficient tool was created – political militia […]. When I encounter hate, I am terrified. Terrified of what once was.”

Laughable, pompous and grotesque – Kempa, Szyszko, Blaszczak, Macierewicz, Czarnecki. What authority, professional skills or education do these individuals possess to have been entrusted with governing the country except their faith in the infallible leader? Infected with his hate, they are becoming increasingly dangerous. They annihilate everything they touch. Let’s take the Bialowieza National Park – our only natural site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List or the 200-year heritage of the Janow Podlaski Stud Farm. “A flagrant ignorance in the market assessment, lack of professionalism in appraising the value of horses and, what’s worse, disregard for the clientele (…). It is a disgrace”. This is how Marek Trela, a former director of the stud farm described the unsuccessful auction of pure Arabians “Pride of Poland 2017”. Incidentally, Trela is the current manager of Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahayan’s stud farm in the United Arab Emirates. The tension escalated like a bad horror movie. Inviting the Venice Commission and then rejecting its findings, the military police raid of the NATO Counterintelligence Center at 1:30 AM, the gold medal awarded to pharmacist Misiewicz’s assistant “for the defense of the country services”, Minister Waszczykowski’s “San Escobar” blunder, statuettes of Lieutenant General Blasik, the so-called “blasiks”, invoking Smolensk at every national celebration event or the “black list” of artists at the Opole Festival, “Smolensk” – the worst movie of the year (currently rated at 1.3 out of 10 excluding the IMDb index), Poland’s withdrawal from the Eurocorps, withholding in vitro funding, hate speech in Sejm (“inferior sort”, “treacherous mugs, scumbags”), the exhumation of victims bodies despite their families protests and pleas , and finally, the outrageous bonuses given to ministers which President Komorowski accurately summed up “Prime Minister has awarded herself 750 kilograms of calamari”. For me personally, the top place in the disgrace ranking takes Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the party’s own candidate for the office of President of the European Council. He was the only candidate running against Donald Tusk who was up for re-election. Tusk was ultimately elected for his second term with the support of all member states except Poland! The famous 27-1. Beata Szydlo, who returned to Poland after this reproach, was greeted at the airport like a champion by the PiS chairman with a huge bouquet of flowers. Tragicomedy.

PiS calls these scandals “a good change” and the world is laughing. Although lately, it may be growing more worried.

Each day one thinks that it can’t get any worse, just to learn the next day that PiS is capable of anything.

Laughable, pompous, and grotesque. This is their reign. They rule blind. They change the law on a whim. They notoriously violate the Constitution. New laws are drafted hastily and haphazardly and without debate. They usually vote at night, secretly.

The Jagiellonian University, Andrzej Duda’s home university, appealed to him to veto unconstitutional laws. “We are calling on the president to fulfill his duty as the guardian of the Constitution and to keep his oath sworn to the nation.”

PiS is behaving as if our country has been nonexistent. Jaroslaw Kaczynski is rewriting Poland’s history in which his brother, Lech Kaczynski, is the sole protagonist. Someone once remarked: “If the past is still troubling you, write it anew.” In the PiS version of history, Lech Walesa is a traitor and an informant. Children will not learn about Mazowiecki, Geremek, Frasyniuk, Michnik or Bartoszewski from PiS textbooks. I couldn’t believe that the history of Solidarity could be written without mentioning these names. PiS did it. Please check the “Wielka Solidarnosc” website. Most of the front page is devoted to the guard of honor in a tribute to Lech Kaczynski! And there is something else, something so shameful that the State Tribunal was not enough. Well, to honor Poland’s 100th freedom anniversary, a contest was organized in Podkarpacie in May of this year under the slogan “It’s good to be a Pole”. Literary, photographic and plastic arts were accepted. The first prize was a trip to Brussels. Participants could choose from five different topics, each of them referred to the same protagonist, Lech Kaczynski. Let me reference these topics because they seem like a joke, although it is no joke. If someone doesn’t see the paranoia here, they must be more ill that the chairman himself. Here are the topics given to students:

  1. The work of Lech Kaczynski in the anti-communist opposition

  2. Independent Self-governing Labour Union "Solidarity", Lech Kaczynski, blessed John Paul II – their joint role in rebuilding Poland after 1989

  3. President Lech Kaczynski as the leader of countries of Central and Eastern Europe

  4. President Lech Kaczynski’s historical politics

  5. President Lech Kaczynski’s life attitude. Is it worth being faithful until the end?


Image: Why is PiS destroying the memory of the nation's Solidarity? 

Image: Why is PiS destroying the memory of the nation's Solidarity? 

National Radical Camp’s convention on Saturday, April 14th at the Gdansk Shipyard, was a symbol of assault on the Great Solidarity. “Poland must remain homogeneous, culturally and ethnically” – these words sounded on that day in the historical BHP Hall. History’s grim chuckle.

It is difficult not to agree with Lech Walesa’s indignation: “Are these the “values” Poles were fighting for in December 1970 and August 1980 in Gdansk? I’m asking: When will PiS outlaw them? What are they waiting for? For them to take over the government? Are you blind and do not see that or are you pretending not to see that?” It’s a sacrilege – added another Solidarity legend, Bogdan Borusewicz, PiS’s Solidarity is the owner of the BHP Hall.

In the PiS country, every opposition politician or anybody who has the audacity to criticize the government, is an enemy. Every journalist, writer, actor, singer or film director who has their own opinion and doesn’t suck up to the governing power is also an enemy. Every individual who has achieved something in life through their own efforts, education, hard work and determination is a thief, an “ubek” or, at best, a child of the elites. You must spit on it, slander it and destroy it. The late Oscar recipient, Andrzej Wajda, is an enemy. When the MPs were passing a resolution to commemorate the great Pole, Jaroslaw Kaczynski stormed out of the Sejm chamber in protest. What a shame!

PiS’s attitude towards living heroes is even worse. The way the party has been treating Jurek Owsiak is a disaster. Luckily, thanks to PiS’s aggression, WOSP broke another record this year.

Of course, anyone who has a different worldview and doesn’t go to church is also an enemy. Today, a true patriot must believe in god and in PiS. Non-believers are leftists, thieves, people of the worse sort.

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, a Redemptorist, is another man with unlimited power. He is the founder of Radio Maryja, Trwam TV, two foundations – Lux Veritatis and Our Future, the College of Social and Media Culture in Torun, as well as the “Nasz Dziennik” newspaper. He is also the owner of several schools, publishing houses, and more importantly, a few companies („Polskie Sieci Cyfrowe”, „Geotermia Toruń”, „Bonum”, „Scala”). Father Rydzyk’s businesses rake in an annual income of 56 million zlotys. This powerful business and media empire enjoys the support of PiS. During the two years of the party’s reign, Ryzdyk received over 80, 921,000 zlotys of public money.

All prominent PiS politicians, ministers with their families, Prime Minister and the President all participate in the compulsory annual Radio Maryja celebrations. They pray, they sing, they sway from side to side and give speeches. The speech given by Beata Kempa, the head of the Cabinet, during Radio Maryja’s 24th anniversary in December 2015 will go down in history. It’s easy to find online. A real gem. I recommend it.

Even Catholic publicists are outraged. Szymon Holownia writes: “Of course, anyone can come to church. A prostitute, a journalist, president, a butcher or a kindergarten teacher – everyone has the right to feel at home there. It is wonderful that the Prime Minister, a Christian like you and me, attends church. But it’s a severe disfunction when the Prime Minister, as the Prime Minister, gives a speech in that church (…). I pity the people and I pity the church because a church that marries a political party becomes a widow after the next election. A church that dogmatizes somebody’s weird hobby is a caricature. You didn’t tie that knot on my behalf.”

According to the governing party a true Pole is a Catholic, living a godly life, loving in a godly way, being fruitful and multiplying. In mid-2016 PiS withheld funding for the in vitro program. It is worth mentioning that Marian Zembala, the Minister of Health in the PO/PSL administration, upon his departure signed a resolution that extended in vitro funding through 2019. Thanks to the program’s implementation around 6 thousand children have been born so far and over 17 thousand couples are currently undergoing treatment. In place of the in vitro program PiS introduced a reproductive support program, which is nothing more than a diagnosis. It cost 23 million zlotys. One hundred and seven couples benefited from it. The effect? Zero births. The Supreme Audit Office demands an explanation.

The governing party, under the pretext of “decommunization”, took over media, the Army, courts, state-owned companies, theaters, museums and schools. It wasn’t done to fix them but to fill them with PiS people. They haven’t reformed anything. They come up with new laws only to get rid of difficult individuals. This is what an invader or an aggressor does. What’s more, they are trying to convince us that this is what the Pole’s want. As an example, this is precisely how they want to remove the first chairwoman of the Supreme Court, Malgorzata Gersdorf. For this sole reason, they passed a law lowering the retirement age of justices to 65. What’s curious, Gersdorf was nominated to that office by Lech Kaczynski in 2008. At the same time, the General Assembly of the Supreme Court unanimously stated that Gersdorf was elected for a 6-year term and will remain chairwoman of the Supreme Court until 2020 in accordance with the Constitution. Twenty seven other SC justices are in a similar situation. PiS has already amended its own law 5 times. All ideas come from Nowogrodzka Street. There are no real debates. PiS limited MPs floor time to 30 seconds! Nobody would listen to them anyway because the MPs of the ruling party only show up to cast their votes.

Image: Empty PiS seats during a debate on a draft amendment to the Courts Act. 

Image: Empty PiS seats during a debate on a draft amendment to the Courts Act. 

The situation in the Polish Supreme Court has been covered extensively by all international media. In July, the International Commission of Jurists based in Geneva, a standing group of 60 eminent jurists from several countries (including senior judges, attorneys and academics), appealed to President Andrzej Duda to “act immediately to restore the independence of the judiciary by reinstating them in office”.

The constitutional crisis in Poland is a clear violation of the rule of law, it is a conflict with Brussels, and above all, an act of replacing real professionals with random individuals. It applies to all aspects of the government’s functions. There is only one rule: one can even have a criminal past but must belong to PiS (Joachim Brudzinski, Stanislaw Pieta). PiS cherishes meek mediocrity. Unexceptional, passive but faithful. How do we know it? PiS has dismissed 158 chairmen and deputy chairmen of common courts (appellate, district and regional courts) including military courts. Within a year, the party forced out 36 generals and 300 colonels, irreplaceable individuals with merits and great experience, from the Polish Army. 38 PiS activists work in 10 state-owned companies listed on the stock exchange. What’s more, a complete replacement of personnel in public media. This is a state occupation.

What’s strange is that the alleged decommunization affects everyone except PiS activists. Former communists hold high offices in the PiS power structure; Stanislaw Piotrowicz, Andrzej Krzyze and Wojciech Jasinski. Let’s talk about the first one. A Polish People’s Republic prosecutor and an executive officer of the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR), the party’s training director who, during the martial law, authored the indictment against Antoni Pikula. Today, Stanislaw Piotrowicz is the head of the Parliamentary Committee for Justice and Human Rights! He played the decisive role in the takeover of the Constitutional Tribunal by PiS. Oh God, you see it and do nothing? The double standards used against politicians are best demonstrated by Gawlowski’s arrest or waiver of immunity for MP Gasiuk-Pihowicz (for taking a break during proceedings). On the other hand, the defense of an exposed thief and a PiS senator, Stanislaw Kogut. It’s the pinnacle of hypocrisy! We are already seeing the first effects of the PiS acquisition of courts. Let’s take the case of Andrzej Majdan, an activist for the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, who was attacked by four nationalists. The assailants pushed him to the ground and continued kicking him for eight minutes (the full recording of the attack can be found online). The prosecutor’s office charged Majdan with participation in the fight on par with the fascists. This is what law and justice look like in today’s Poland.

Poles who have lived abroad for a long time, the “old” American Polonia in particular, do not follow the current events in Poland. They don’t see the paranoia up close, they don’t read Polish newspapers and don’t watch the Polish television. They affectionately reminisce about the Poland they remember from childhood years – a tormented, poor, neglected country but so beloved, familiar, idyllic and angelic. They long for that Poland. They are steeped in sentiment, memories and dreams. They have no idea that Poland is no longer poor or tormented. We have caught up in just 25 years. Polish streets, houses and stores measure up to, and sometimes outmatch, those in London, Paris or Chicago. The Silesian Stadium or the railway station in Lodz are ones of the most modern structures in Europe. It is so good that we managed to build them before the “good change”. The American Polonia is eager to discuss Polish politics, defends the current administration and has, of course, the best of intentions, yet has no idea what is really going on in their distant homeland. They often don’t even remember the language. They love their country so much, yet don’t teach Polish to their children. PiS Senator Anna Maria Anders is a perfect example. Her only son, General Anders’s grandson, doesn’t speak or write in English.

Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski were background Solidarity activists in the 1980s. There is not a single mention of Kaczynskis in any of the 37 weekly Solidarity magazines. They didn’t participate in talks because they were inherently confrontational. Their father, Rajmund Kaczynski, once warned: “God, save Poland from my sons”.

The unexpected death of his twin brother was certainly very traumatic for Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Every person deals with such a situation differently. The PiS chairman’s way of dealing with this tragedy was to convince everyone that it was not an accident. No one in his circles dares to oppose him. The leader of PiS suffers and wants others to suffer with him. And, at the same time, he craves revenge. He is undoubtedly a sick individual, suffering from resentment and hatred. He is tormented by the last telephone conversation he had with his brother. The chairman has no real friends, nobody who could listen to him or support him. A normal person would see a therapist, mull it over, cry on somebody’s shoulder and keep on living. Meanwhile, the “concerned ones” with Macierewicz in the driving seat, are deliberately fueling the pain by indefinitely dragging out the work of the Smolensk subcommittee. It is a known fact that these so-called experts are not going to find anything new (Berczynski’s escape!) but they continue to play on human emotions for their own personal financial gain for as long as possible. This has been aptly gauged by the aforementioned religious studies professor, Zbigniew Mikolejko. He calls the narrative around the Smolensk tragedy a “folk religion for the losers and the excluded”. “The Smolensk religion is not based on rational or practical thinking but rather on what can be called a “reservoir of anger”. You have to accumulate that anger and then use it” – says the professor. And, of course, you have to cordon it off. The security around the Smolensk monthiversaries cost 4.5 million zlotys in 2017. The Polish parliament has also turned into a besieged fortress under PiS. Guards with weapons and stun guns stroll the parliamentary yard. Since February, the Marshal guards have the authority of uniformed services – they can search, stop or tape individuals or even use ammunition. The number of employees increased from 160 to 290. PiS has total power in Poland but spends more on protection against the sovereign than any government before it.

Image: Agnieszka Holland, in Warsaw on April 9th, 2017 on the eve of the Smolensk.

Image: Agnieszka Holland, in Warsaw on April 9th, 2017 on the eve of the Smolensk.

Image: Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, a Home Army soldier who participated in the Warsaw Uprising, a psychologist and teacher of disabled children, who wanted to suport the protest of the disabled on Friday, May 11 th. She was not allowed to enter the Sejm. 

Image: Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, a Home Army soldier who participated in the Warsaw Uprising, a psychologist and teacher of disabled children, who wanted to suport the protest of the disabled on Friday, May 11 th. She was not allowed to enter the Sejm. 

The PiS followers must have felt disappointed lately as the national TV didn’t broadcast the announcement of the Smolensk subcommittee’s technical report considered to be the final one. The media preferred to transmit the Amber Gold committee meeting instead. It was broadcast live on TVN and Polsat. It is even more surprising since the long-anticipated report mentioned two separate explosions aboard the Tupolev. Weren’t those the findings Jaroslaw Krzyczynski had been expecting for 8 years?! On the 10th of every month he would call for the fight for the truth. And now, while government officials announce that the passengers onboard the plane were killed by a powerful explosion, public TV remains silent?? “Wiadomosci” devoted 77 seconds to Macierewicz’s 90-minute report. Interestingly, the report bearing the state emblem and the header “The Republic of Poland” was sent out to all European MPs on April 17th. Oh “Antek, you freak!”.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski is attempting to relief his suffering and contrition by raising monuments in his brother’s honor, naming streets, roundabouts schools and industrial buildings after him. His burial at the Wawel itself was undeserved. The Smolensk monument on Pilsudski Square is guarded by six officers 24 hours a day! It’s a typical cult of personality. PiS chairman doesn’t see how sadly pathetic he is.

On the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki laid a wreath at the plaque dedicated to Lech Kaczynski, just as Beata Szydlo did a year earlier. I cannot watch it calmly. Let them cherish him however they want, but do they have to do that on a day like this? Must they, or can they, compare him to the Warsaw Uprising resistance? It’s desecration of the memory of real heroes. It won’t stand idly by for this.

Boguslaw Woloszanski says this about Hitler’s closest associates: “What was their strength? Hatred. The hatred felt by someone who has been hurt, persecuted and unfulfilled: for their disability and low height (Goebbels), for being rejected by women (Himmler), for excessive ambition (Heydrich). The hatred that filled with was transformed into an idea!”.

Hatred and the desire for revenge that motivate Kaczynski these days is so strong, he cannot even hide that at the Sejm: “don’t wipe your treacherous mugs with my brother’s name, you destroyed him! You killed him! You are scumbags!”. PiS chairman has nothing to lose. He is driven by revenge. It’s difficult to believe that this tiny, sick and hateful man is, de facto, running this country. Karol Karski, a member of the Political Committee, confirms: “Nowogrodzka has spoken, the conversation is over.”

That’s the way the First Secretary of the Communist Party ruled. That is how the chancellor of the Third Reich ruled.

Someone aptly asserted: “Nobody united the Poles as much as Lech Walesa did and nobody divided them as much as Jaroslaw Kaczynksi did”. In all its painful history Poland has never been as divided as it is today. This is Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s greatest atrocity. And all of it is because he’s been mourning Lech Kaczynski. Those who knew Kaczynski brothers before, know very well that the twins had always been confrontational, suspicious, and vexing. PiS rule from 2005 to 2007 was marred by crisis after crisis and scandal after scandal. Jaroslaw Kaczynski was already the maestro of intrigue and chaos. “Jaroslaw Kaczyski’s politics was used to appeal to people’s lowest instincts and release worst emotions: envy, jealousy, suspicion” – reminisces Tomasz Wolek, a publicist and the opposition activist during communism. It is confirmed today.

It behooves Jaroslaw Kaczynski as a maestro to fuel and manipulate emotions. There’s no shortage of people in Poland who are lost, resentful and vengeful. PiS took it in and took charge of it. This was exceptionally aptly commented on by professor Staniszkis, Kaczynski’s once close acquaintance: “PiS has encouraged those bums. People who usually hang around town squares with no prospects. Their aggression has found justification.”

PiS has convinced those bums that Poland is getting off her knees and that it will no longer bow down to anyone. The party declared war on the world. We still have good relations with Belarus. Poland’s isolation from the European Union is the result of the party’s arrogance and vulgarity. They have no idea what diplomacy is and how it is based on being able to compromise and alleviating conflict. PiS is not messing around with nuance. It took just two years to damage our image, good name, and national pride that had been we had been rebuilding for generations. For the past two years PiS has been ignoring the Venice Commission, the European Commission, the Human Rights Committee, United Nations, Amnesty International and Jewish communities in their pleadings to stop breaking the law and, most of all, to openly condemn racist behaviors that have been on an alarming rise. A few weeks ago, 29 former Polish ambassadors appointed “The Conference of Polish Ambassadors”. “Through the years of our diplomatic service we have worked for an independent Poland that’s integrated with the West and, with growing concern, we have been witnessing the destruction of those achievements. The current collapse is threatening Poland’s raison d’état! These days, Poland is being perceived as “a sick person” of Europe, an unpredictable member of NATO” – write the diplomats. The Washington Post has recently quoted a former US Ambassador to Poland who called the amendment to the bill on the Institute of National Remembrance “revenge of the peasants”.

PiS symbolizes the moral and political fall. It is the worst thing that could have happened to us at the worst time.

Poland had many enemies in the past, but they always attacked us from the outside. Perhaps that is why we are unable to effectively unite and fight back.

Image: Nuremberg in 1933.

Image: Nuremberg in 1933.

Image: Bialystok in 2016.

Image: Bialystok in 2016.

A picture of the Holy Mass in the Bialystok cathedral performed by “priest” Miedlar as the preacher circulated the world. The world also saw photos of banners with slogans “sieg heil”, “pure blood” or “white power” on the Polish Independence Day. Facebook shared images of Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council in an SS uniform uploaded by…the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Ohio, Maria Szonert-Binienda, wife of Wieslaw Binienda who was a member of the Smolensk subcommittee (PiS prosecutors refused to press charges in this matter!)

Disbelief. Embarrassment. Shame. Is it, therefore, any surprise that some ignorant hoodlum sees it as permission to attack Jerzy Kochanowski, a history professor, in a broad daylight in the middle of Warsaw for speaking German with his friend!

Back to my blog…

Considering all this, I couldn’t continue it as if nothing happened. I had to stop for a moment, gather my thoughts and shake it off. How can I be outraged that Germans keep a blind eye on propagating fascism, manipulating history and protecting murderers for their own benefit while the Polish government is doing the same exact thing?! At least Germany has officially condemned it. A young man wearing an SS T-shirt with a skull and lightning bolts would be immediately arrested in Germany. One may end up spending up to 3 years in jail for public use of Nazi symbols on the other side of the Oder River. In Poland, Minister Joachim Brudzinski allows the display of SS symbols in the very city Nazis organized a bloodbath. I had to find myself in all of that first. I had to try to deal with this great national disgrace.

Of course, everything that’s happening in Poland, no matter how embarrassing, doesn’t lessen Germany’s crimes and the attempt to cover them up after the war. I think my blog is very necessary. The truth is necessary. I have spent my whole life collecting the materials used in this blog.

It’s not like PiS is the first party that talks about the suffering of Poles, war losses, or the Oswiecim lies. PiS claims the exclusive right to uncover German crimes. This is yet another manipulation. The war losses suffered by Poland have been calculated and published many times, yet the ignorant PiS electorate doesn’t know that. It is also untrue that PiS as first opposes phrases such as “Polish death camps” or “Polish ghettos”. Between 2008 and 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervened into this mater 913 times! Of course, PiS TV will not admit it.

My collections include plenty of clippings from old newspapers. What’s interesting, some of them are articles by Riszard Czarnecki from the 1990s. His editorials on the German-Polish relations from that time were very thorough. They were written by an empathetic and educated man. The Ryszard Czarnecki of today is a common boor. I look at him and cannot believe how much someone can change. Czarnecki has simply adapted to the setting. He has understood, that this is the best career path. The civilized world has shown it would not stand for this. The European MP personally learned this when this January he was dismissed from his function of EP deputy for calling Roza Thun, another European MP, a “monger”. Czarnecki remains a TV star in Poland.

The Poles are protesting in droves, loudly, every day. Luckily, the world sees that, too. Opposition politicians, journalists, workers, artists, social activists and thousands upon thousands of citizens are coming out onto the streets. But PiS is well prepared for those protests. On just one night on July 20th, a demonstration in front of the parliament was patrolled by 2 thousand police officers. That was the night the Senate Commission passed a new unamended law on courts authored by PiS. The demonstrators sang the national anthem during the deliberations. The lawmakers were well aware of that. At some point, PO senators opened the windows and sang the anthem with the protesters. The demonstrators blocked the exit route leading from the parliament and chanted slogans: “Constitution”, “Free courts”, “Freedom. Equality. Democracy”. As the result of the night police intervention, 270 individuals had their names taken, 52 people were cited for blocking a street and 200 people were ordered to show up in court. One protester was arrested. Five individuals were reproved. That was just one night, a single protest. Similar protests are happening in Poland daily. They often take the form of events, e.g. the night campaign by KOD (the Committee for the Defense of Democracy) where the organization’s anonymous members decorated around 30 monuments with shirts with the word “Constitution” printed on them all over Poland.

Image: The 2018 Grand Prix winner photo. The photo depicts participants of protests the reforms of the Polish judiciary. It was taken by Adam Lach. Stefano De Luigi, a world-famous photojournalist, was the chairman of the jury. 

Image: The 2018 Grand Prix winner photo. The photo depicts participants of protests the reforms of the Polish judiciary. It was taken by Adam Lach. Stefano De Luigi, a world-famous photojournalist, was the chairman of the jury. 

Image: On the night of August 2nd, 2018, anonymous KOD representatives dressed over 30 monuments in T-shirts with the word "Constitution" printed on them. 

Image: On the night of August 2nd, 2018, anonymous KOD representatives dressed over 30 monuments in T-shirts with the word "Constitution" printed on them. 

This situation is becoming more serious. Police officers are Poles, too. They see what’s been happening and how PiS has been destroying and seizing the country and they are forced to participate in that. They have had enough. On July 24th, 2018 Rafal Jankowski, the chief of the police union, sent a letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Joachim Budzinski. In the letter, he informed the Minister that “police officers have complained about having their role politicized” and requested an urgent meeting.

It’s not easy to overthrow a dictatorship that was once won in an election. Hitler won an election, too. Twelve million Germans cast their votes in November 1932 to express their support for his chauvinist program that promised the nation a Great Germany. It took many years and 70 million victims to overthrow that dictatorship.

Today you can find posters depicting Jaroslaw Kaczynski and signed “Polish Hitler” all over the Polish parliament. Over the top? Sure, but it forces us to think.

I believe that PiS rule is some kind of a mistake, misfortune, a bad dream. It shall pass, and Poland will regain its due respect, dignity and pride. We will make up for the lost time. Lech Walesa will become our hero hero again. We will be proud of Andrzej Wajda again. Jurek Owsiak will receive a Nobel Prize. We will put nationalists in their place and all PiS fruitcakes along with their “Polish Hitler” before the State Tribunal.

I’m going back to writing. The truth is waiting.

Because it’s not like Germany always tells the truth, even if it is our ally.


► July 5th. A memorial service was held at the Madrid cemetery with the participation of tastefully dressed old men who had iron crosses pinned to their rigid collars. Similar signs bore sashes on the wreaths. Gathered man remained in silence over the grave for longer period of time. Than they raised they hands and saluted - Heil! The deceased was known in Spain as Robert Steinbauer owner of the lucrative company "Export-Import Immobilen" but in fact Otto Skorzeny was Obersturmbannführer-SS, an ace of German intelligence, "Hitler's favorite commando". (...)he worked as Eva Peron's bodyguard. Later he was hiding using following names: Dr. Wolff in Hungary, Solar in Germany and Belgium, Mr. Eable and Mr. Sible in the USA, Rolf Steiner in Germany, Pablo Lerno in Switzerland, France and Italy, Muller and Antonio Scorba in Austria and since 1955 in Spain as Robert Steinbauer.


► October 18th. The Odessa File movie premiere. The film was based on a novel by Frederick Forsyth published in the same year under the same title. It has been translated into about 30 languages and sold over 10 million copies. Both the novel and the movie aroused great interest and recalled that despite the fact that 30 years passed since the end of the war the justice was not served. Most of the war criminals escaped punishment and under changed names worked, conducted business, getting rich and living in luxury - that was outrageous back in 1974 as it is today... (more on Odessa - see year 1951).


► Both German states were accepted to join the United Nations.

► August 6th. Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan was taken on board of the Lufthansa flight in the company of two federal agents and after a few hours escorted to a jail in Frankfurt am Main. Two years later the court trial of the "Stomping Mare" started in Düsseldorf. Hermina Braunsteiner-Ryan, extremely sadistic SS female concentration camp gourd, was stomping many women to death and that gave her the nickname.


(...), but on the basis of paragraph 47, Chapter 2 of the Code of Military Criminal Court Wippenbeck was not sentenced. It is the article "Reichsgesetzblatt", from 1940, Part I, p. 1348 about the obligation to follow orders. Paragraph 47 was very often the base to acquit war criminals from the charges because of subordination and "following orders of superiors."


On 20 December 1948 the denazification court in northern Württemberg classified Wendler as "Haupschuldiger" or "major offender". Wendler appealed against this decision but on 28 April 1945 the court upholds the first judgment and yet on 20 December 1949 Richard Wendler was released and returned back home. From now he lived in Munich where he run a law firm. However that was not enough for him. Criminal strived for a full rehabilitation. As a lawyer he knew how to write appeals. And indeed: on 12 September 1952 he was moved to a "Belasteter" category or "offender". On this basis his confiscated property was returned. However Richard Wendler was still not satisfied and fighting for complete clearance. He appealed for clemency ... and surprisingly on 1 November 1955 Wendler was classified as "Mitläufer" or "follower."


(...) was the main accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the process of judges at the American military tribunal in Nuremberg. He was sentenced to life in prison.
However in 1950 like other German criminals Franz Schlegelberger was released from prison for health reasons. He was 74 years. Over the next 20 years - until his death in 1970 - he was receiving a retirement pension of 2.894 Deutschmark (for comparison: the average monthly wage in Germany was at that time 535 DM).


Initially after the war Arnold Strippel was hiding but in 1948 he was recognized by former Buchenwald prisoner. Strippel's process began on 31 May 1949 in Frankfurt am Main. He was charged with the murder of 21 Jewish prisoners in Buchenwald and many other mistreatments. He was sentenced to 21-fold life imprisonment and additional 10 years in prison. On 21 April 1969 Strippel was released from prison in Butzbach and five months later another trial started against him for crimes in Buchenwald. This time the court in Frankfurt decided that Strippel did not personally shot any of the 21 Jewish prisoners, set aside the judgment of 1949 and sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment. In addition the court found that Strippel already was in prison for longer than that so he received 121 500 DM as compensation for too long prison sentence (!).


► November 26th. In the view of approaching 20 year time-bar for proceedings of Nazi crimes as per the Penal Code from 1932, honoring the Nuremberg principles, in 1965 Poland presented to the United Nations an initiative for non-applicability of statutory limitations to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The convention was adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by United Nations General Assembly resolution 2391 (XXIII) of 26 November 1968. The Convention stated that the undertaking states must adopt the internal legislative measures to allow the extradition of the perpetrators of these crimes regardless of the date they were committed. The German Bundestag decided not to participate to the UN Convention.
A year later the Bundestag extended the limitation period from the existing 20 to 30 years. It was not until 10 years later, on the 3 July 1979 that the law was passed, introducing non-applicability of statutory limitations to genocide crimes. The amendment was passed by a small majority - 255 votes in favor (SPD) and 222 votes against (CDU).


► Franz Stangl, the commander of the extermination camps in Treblinka and Sobibor was captured. His postwar fate was surprising but also somehow typical for German oppressors avoiding justice. After the war Stangl concealed his identity and unrecognized got released from Austrian prison in 1947. Then, along with another criminal Gustav Wagner - deputy commander of the Sobibor camp, they fled to Italy. From Italy with the help of Vatican officials (including Bishop Alois Hudal, see year 1948) Stangl escaped to Syria. In 1951 Franz Stangl and his family left for Brazil. He lived there for several years using his own name. It took 6 years to hunt Stangl down, the investigation was led by Simon Wiesenthal, which resulted in the 1967 capture.


After the war Schumann doctor-the killer settled down in Gladbeck, in Germany and was working there as a sports doctor. He was recognized in 1950 so he fled from Germany to Japan. He then worked on ships, often changing location. In the end Schumann moved to Africa, Sudan where from 1955-1959 he worked as a doctor. Again he was identified in 1959 after a reportage about his work. He then fled to Liberia and afterwards to Ghana. In February 1966 the government of Ghana handed over Schumann to the German authorities. His trial began much later in September 1970 in Frankfurt am Main. However it was never concluded. Due to his "poor health" Schumann was released from prison and remained under police supervision. As it turned out Schumann simulated his illness by drinking his own blood which seemed like a bleeding from duodenal ulcer. (...)


"Idealist feels good knowing that he is a fellow citizen of Goethe, Kant and Hegel. But with Goebbels, Göring, Heydrich and Himmler he does not want to have anything in common. And yet, if the nation and the state are to be meaningful political terms, they have to specify a group of people that occurs in history as a community, then all that happens is on that community dependent. In this case [...] in some way everyone has contributed to Auschwitz. And everyone should find in themselves their share of that contribution "- a quotation from a book by the German writer Martin Walser under the revealing title "Our Auschwitz" (German "Unser Auschwitz").


All collected material in 1964 and witnesses testimonies against Krüger were sent to the Higher Regional Court in Cologne. Although there was enough evidence of Krüger's criminal actions he was not released to stand a trial in Poland. The German Federal Court discontinued the criminal case against Hans Krüger due to lack of the proof of guilt (!).
After 1945 Krüger was involved in organizing the German Federation of Expellees and was the federation's first chairman in years 1959-1964 (see year 1957). From 1957 until 1965 he was a Bundestag member (member of parliament) and in years 1963-1964 a federal minister (Federal Minister for Displaced Persons, Refugees and War Victims). His actions were described in the "Krüger, Hans: Ein Blutrichter Hitlers", Brown Book: War and Nazi Criminals in the Federal Republic. Krueger died in 1971 in Bonn at the age of 69.


► January 22nd. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and President Charles de Gaulle signed the Franco-German cooperation treaty. The document became known as the "Élysée Treaty". (...) ► June 26th. US President John F. Kennedy delivered his famous speech in western Berlin. About one million people gathered in front of the town hall in West Berlin to listen to the US President's speech. He ended with a famous saying in German: "Ich bin ein Berliner". Kennedy's visit to Germany in summer 1963 made history. Few people know however that this wasn't his first visit to Germany. Future US President visited Germany in 1937, 1939 and 1945 - first during the Nazi dictatorship and then as a defeated country.


► Wilhelm Koppe adopted a false name Lohmann and became a director of a chocolate factory in Bonn. Waffen-SS General Wilhelm Koppe was a Secretary of State for the government security. As the SS commander and the head of the police in the General Government Koppe was responsible for mass murders of Jews and Poles. (...) Released on 19 April 1962 after a deposit of 30 thousand DM was paid in. The murdered was never punished for the crimes committed during the Second World War. In 1964 Koppe was prosecuted again accused of killing 145 000 people. But in 1966 the national court in Bonn closed the case due to accused poor health. Despite Poland's repeated requests, German authorities refused his release for extradition. Wilhelm Koppe died in Bonn in 1975. 


► December 14th. The Judgment at Nuremberg movie premiere was held in Berlin staring Marlene Dietrich, Spencer Tracy, William Shatner, Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Cliftand directed by Stanley Kramer. The film won two Academy Awards (with 10 nominations). On the film release date in 1961 none of the 92 Nuremberg trials convicts was in prison.


► The seizure of Eichmann and the beginning of his trial. It was the biggest event since the Nuremberg trials. Adolf Eichmann was the main coordinator of the "Final Solution to the Jewish question" and called "the architect of the Holocaust". After the war, thanks to the help of Bishop Hudal (see year 1948), Eichmann fled to Argentina where he was employed at the Mercedes-Benz factory. He lived on the outskirts of Buenos-Aires. Hudal's subordinates and the related organization ODESSA which operated with fund from Deutsche Bank (see year 1946), helped Eichmann in escaping and hiding. Eichmann process was filmed and translated into three languages, being watched by 450 journalists.


February 6th. Carl Wurster as BASF president hosted a banquet for IG Farben veterans. The ceremony was attended by Otto Ambros, Heinrich Bütefisch, Fritz Gajewski, Max Ilgner, Friedrich Jähne, Carl Krauch, Hans Kühne, Wilhelm Rudolf Mann, Christian Schneider and Fritz ter Meer (see 1950), and the widow of Carl Bosch. 
In 1939, after Wehrmacht marched into Poland, Carl Wurster was patrolling the occupied territories to see which of the Polish chemical plants could be used to increase production of the Third Reich war needs. Wurster was called the "military economy leader" (Wehrwirtschaftsführer). (...)At a time when Carl Wurster was a head of BASF, specifically in 1960, he discovered a young, promising employee named Helmut Kohl. Wurster took care of him and promote Kohl's political career, up to the German Chancellor office.


► Georg Renno, responsible for killing 28 000 people in theT-4 euthanasia program, got married to his second wife. In June 1940 Renno was a deputy head of the Euthanasia Centre in the Hartheim castle near Linz in Upper Austria. About 30 000 people were killed in years 1940-1941 in Hartheim who were considered by the Nazi regime as "unworthy of life". Georg Renno was one of around 40 doctors-consultants who were qualifying patients eligible for "elimination".

Until his death on October 4, 1997 "doctor" Georg Renno led a quiet life as a pensioner. He remained convinced that the T-4 program was right. In 1997, in an interview he said: "I do not feel guilty" because I brought my victims a "relief".


► July 26th. It was 12 years after the war has ended that the German state prohibits wearing the Iron Crosses awarded during World War II. Iron Cross for exceptional acts of bravery was awarded to more than 2 million Germans. 

► October 27th. Establishment of the Federation of Expellees (Bund der Vertriebenen BdV) . The first chairman of the Federation of Expellees was Hans Krüger, a former NSDAP activist, a war criminal who participated alongside Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch, in 1943 he was appointed to the Wehrmacht service.