Hello. It's me - The whistle-blower of bad intentions and manipulation of historical truth, a self-proclaimed polygraph. I take part in this urgent mission on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and I will fulfill it on this blog germanipulate.com

I'm 56. I'm Polish. I was born and live in Lower Silesia. It's our ancient Piast lands. Love for my homeland and distrust for my enemies run in my blood.

I'm an energetic person, a "true-born". I keep my both feet on the ground. I prefer commonsense solutions. I have unlimited temperament. If I add to it that I have a strong personality, and a courage of speaking openly about what makes me angry - it's not hard to imagine that this blog won't be all "nice and easy".

Since I was a child I've had - now I see it clearly - some kind of unique ability of empathy, even though such a word didn't even exist back then. When I was in the 1st grade, when all the children were smiling while reciting a rhyme about Bambo the litte Negro (Bambo the black child, children's poem by Julian Tuwim), I just felt sorry for him. I was wondering, how Bambo could be so carefree and fool around after school, when I knew from a tv show Bonanza that black people weren't doing so well.

Since I can remember, I was always hurt by all injustice. I couldn't come to terms with treating unfairly someone who cannot defend himself. But life forced me relentlessly (as it does to all of us) to be a witness of a lot of despicable and inhuman acts.

And so when I made peace with the fate of Bambo the black child and uncle Tom, there came a time for the native wrongdoings. Polish tv shows from that time about four armored companions and captain Kloss along with Germany postwar "oblivion" politics, had grown inside me a feeling of great history injustice and of wrongdoings which were never settled nor apologized for. I felt a fundamental need for some compensation or just recognition of guilt. But not only that. Heck! After such "guilt" where even the word "guilt" is too innocent, because it cannot bear the weight of the bodies of 70 million of victims, the whole fallen nation should fell on it's knees and beat it's chest while begging for forgiveness for the next six years! Whether they should be forgiven is an entirely different matter. I certainly wouldn't forgive them. Why didn't anyone made sure that such act of repentance took place? No punishment, no atonement?! Am I the only one who feels surprised, provoked and bothered about this? Doesn't it cry to heaven for justice? "According to the Bible and Sigmund Freud, the ability to feel guilty is constitutive for the human kind as we know it" - Leszek Kołakowski once wrote.

By strictly keeping track of the postwar polish-german relationships and shameless history manipulation by Germans, I have come to a terrifying conclusion, that the war is not over yet. The war is still ongoing. It's a war for the historical memory. And as of now, we're losing it. Perhaps at our own request. Just like in 1939, Germans still have better weapons today - it's a massive propaganda machine, which, using press, media, and huge movie productions is steering the public in a way that would even put the minister of propaganda and public enlightenment in Hitler's government - Joseph Goebbels to shame. After all it was him who said "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Erica Steinbach, perhaps his best student remembered his lessons very well.

Germans are revising history gradually, step by step. The blurring of responsibility for world war II and it's consequences is happening right in front of our eyes. The victims are being equated with the real culprits. Are we supposed to just calmly watch it happen?

niemcy przeglad.jpg

There is a book by Andrzej Więckowski "Wypowiedzieć wojnę Niemcom" (To declare a war against Germany). The Author is calling in it for "a massive and a long-term attack on great Polish-German relations" which he calls "the key to reconciliation". It would be a war for our good name and dignity. Więckowski writes: "Poland didn't receive from Germany the dignity it deserved for being an opponent and a victim. Soviet Russia was an opponent and the victims were jews. Poles were the people who drove out native German population from their homeland".

Andrzej Więckowski's call is a journalistic joke. But is it just a joke? After all, Germans aren't joking. Their lies are serious. They almost managed to convince the world they were just the victim of national socialism. Someone has to stop them eventually. Someone has to say "HALT!"

It's me - the "avenger", and let the death and suffering of millions of innocent and never avenged victims of german crimes be my license (Not Nazi but German).

My blog is a declaration of War against Germany. It's a fight with lies and half-truths. It's a rebellion against historical manipulation by Germans. It's a war for the truth.


The blog will be written in a way that is substantial and distinct. In simple military terms without unnecessary digression I will try to provide portions of information chronologically "rousing" for discord on german manipulation. I will track the whole German Persilcheiwerfahren starting from 1945 until today. Considering that the topic is vast I reserve myself the right to choose the events and facts that I think are important and helpful in realization of my mission.

Of course the partaking of "mercenaries" and individual "soldiers" and all other's help is welcome - I'll be glad if you leave any remarks, comments, rectifications or propositions of collaborations and I will answer to all of them. I won't win this war by myself...